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Question of the Moment

From 2006 to 2008 in a drive to effect improvements in the museum's administration and visitor programs, guests of the museum were queried at random in a process called "Question of the Moment." Administered irregularly to a large cross-section of the visitor population, the surveys posed questions specific to a wide range of topics. From the responses elicited by such questions as "How might we improve the museum's security function?" "Where is your omelet?" and "Why don't you love me yet?" the Smyles & Fish staff was able to ascertain a clear picture of the average Smyles & Fish Museumgoer experience and according to that institute changes in a variety museum policies. A catalogue featuring these "Question[s] of the Moment" is on display in the next room.
Apr 2, 2008Notary Public

Apr 9, 2008Max
My girlfriend. She needs tampons.

Apr 12, 2008Eli Samuel
Well, your quite paranoid. I'll take my business elsewhere.

Apr 13, 2008Baron
Wouldn't you like to know.

Apr 16, 2008Archibald

Apr 21, 2008charlotte
A little man in a once-smart overcoat, standing on the street corner. He is holding a white-painted, wooden placard which reads 'ANSWERS! The secrets to life's great mysteries! Round the corner. Second left'.
I had five minutes spare and thought that it might perhaps be worth a gander.

May 3, 2008A
The Flying Spaghetti Monster. I must obey Him and His Noodly Appendage.