The First Annual Smyles & Fish Summer Olympiad!
Saturday, July 22nd
Central Park's Sheep Meadow (North West Corner)
11am-5pm (Competitors can enter races throughout the day)
$5 in advance, $7 at the event
All proceeds go towards printing the Smyles & Fish Pocket Edition.
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Your Preferred Jersey Number for the Race*:

Gladiator Handle:

Events you would like to participate in:

Summer Stage: Perform an original 2-5 minute Play (please prepare script beforehand; you may also have someone else perform your play)Jump rope for Smyles & Fish
Pasta TossTwo-Legged race
Three-Legged Race (just for men)Stripping & Unstripping
Running in PlaceThe Thon-a-Thon
Read Off - Who can read the fastest?Taste-Test (Coke vs. Urine)
Puking ContestRope Climb
Dis-OffColor War
Duck, Duck, Goose (Smyle, Smyle, Fish)!Telephone
Tin-Can PhoneS vs. F
Tug of WarRaffle
Red RoverCrab-Crawl/Wheelbarrow
Crab CakesZombie Contest
Number Game (throwing a ball in the air)Ball in a Parachute
KickballPie-Eating Contest
Hot Dog Eating ContestSeven Minutes in Heaven or Hell
Open Mic & Open Mike (Michael Solomon Opens Up to Anyone Who Will Listen)Truth or Dare
Blow Up Something InflatableBalloon Blowing n' Popping Contest
Balance the Egg in the SpoonWater Balloons and Enemas
Tag/ItDodge Balls
Flirting With Children (no touching!)Chicken
DeceptathonCoke & Pepsi
7up (Sprite)Four Corners
Red-Light, Green-Light, 1-2-3Team Macbeth
You're a Sex PartyEuro Sex Party
Give Candy to Children: first person to hand out all his/her candy wins!Afternoon Debates: Tomatoes vs. Clouds, Suspenders vs. Limericks
Cock Fights (men only)Cake Walk (on Twinkies)
Slip 'n' Slide (on Twinkies)Steal a Dog (Weight Over Blood Shed determines the Victor)
Confabulation (A talk between two parties on Innovative Traffic Solutions and/or Jello)Racial Slurry
FrisbeeName That Tune
Lecture SeriesSell Issues of Smyles & Fish to Strangers for Jackpot Prize
Ad-Wizards: Design a Flier for S&FTeam Mad-Libs
Tell Your Own Fortune 


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